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The Best Breweries of Long Island

In Brooklyn and Long Island, there are well over 100 breweries, which means that finding the right ones to visit can seem like a monumental task. For exactly that reason LI Beer Tasting Tours has carefully selected the best of the bunch and incorporated them into tour packages for you and your group.

The Next Level of Beer

What we looked for when deciding the best breweries to visit included the availability of on-site tasting, relaxed and comfortable environment, and above all, the quality of the beer. Among those that made the cut are Moustache Brewing Co., Strong Rope Brewery, Interboro Spirits & Ale, and many others.

These breweries have taken the process of turning malt, hops, yeast, and water into delicious beer and transformed it into something more than craft – it’s a level of mastery that focuses on innovation and experimenting with different ingredients to build the future of artisan beer. One sip and you’ll understand why these breweries are truly in a class of their own.

Build Your Own Beer Tour

In addition to our carefully curated selection of premium breweries, all of our tours also offer the opportunity to be customized. This means that you can add other breweries you want to visit and we’ll handle all the logistics of getting there. While other beer tour operators are tied to a specific route, we understand that our clients’ wishes come first and are flexible to including other breweries on your must-visit list.

With LI Beer Tasting Tours, you’ll visit the highest-rated breweries, taste some of the best beer in the country, and enjoy a memorable experience as you’re whisked from location to location in the utmost level of style and comfort.

Call us at (516) 833-6455 to book your group’s next Long Island beer tour.

Click on an image below to learn more about that brewery. We also recommend visiting the breweries’ website to learn what they have on tap now. Beer offerings change often!